Understory Enterprises Shipment #3 (Sept 2015)


September 14th is the tentative ship-to-customer date for the early fall offerings from Understory Enterprises

It has been a busy summer, and UE has a great stock of a huge variety of Ranitomeya spp.Ameerega spp., and others ready to go, with the best availability and diversity that they have had in a long time. 

Place your orders as soon as possible as the August 25th cut-off date is fast approaching!

Spring 2015 WIKIRI Shipment

May 11 is the tentative ship-to-customer date for spring 2015 offerings from WIKIRI Selva Viva in Ecuador.  The first Oophaga sylvatica 'Diabolito' will finally be arriving in the U.S

As always, Wikiri offers amazing, completely legal and captive bred frogs which support sustainable bio-commerce and amphibian conservation in Ecuador.  Orders are now closed for May, but additional O. sylvatica and other stunning frogs are still available for the September 2015 shipment.  

2015 Amphibian TAG Meeting

Indoor Ecosystems will be presenting at the 2015 AZA Amphibian Taxon Advisory Group meeting in Atlanta, GA, on April 16, 2015.  

Although we have been providing frogs to many zoos for years, we are excited about this opportunity to present to the broader AZA community about what purchasing from Indoor Ecosystems does for conservation in the countries where many of these species originate.  

We are very much looking forward to seeing all our zoo friends there!