Purchasing from Indoor Ecosystems supports the amazing work of conservation projects around the world, including habitat protection, biodiversity surveys, new species descriptions and developing sustainable models of bio-commerce.  Follow the links below to find out more about the businesses and organizations we work with.  

Understory Enterprises Inc.
Ontario, CANADA  |  Iquitos, PERU

WIKIRI Selva Viva

Costa Rica Amphibian Research Center (CRARC)
Siquirres, COSTA RICA

Association Mitsinjo


This is one of several ponds on the CRARC reserve in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica.  Habitat modifications such as these provide crucial breeding habitat for frog species such as Cruziohyla calcarifier, Hylomantis  lemure and a variety of Agalychnis species. (photo © Ron Skylstad)

Ameerega silverstonei is one of the many amazing species of Dendrobatids made available through the captive breeding efforts of Understory Enterprises. (photo © Understory Enterprises)

The natural habitat of the Golden mantella, Mantella aurantiaca, a species of focus for Association Mitsinjo and the subject of captive breeding efforts at their amphibian conservation center.  A percentage of sales from all mantella orders are donated to the organization to support their conservation work in eastern Madagascar.  (photo © Devin Edmonds)

Oophaga histrionica, one of several species being captively bred and sustainably supplied by Tesoros de Colombia.  Such efforts are making available the first legally exported frogs from the country of Colombia in decades. (photo © Tesoros de Colombia)

The purchase of captive-bred and sustainably produced amphibians through Indoor Ecosystems help support the conservation of amphibians and their habitat throughout the Neotropics and Madagascar. (photo © Understory Enterprises)

Oophaga sylvatica, a species sustainably produced and offered by WIKIRI Selva Viva.  (photo © Understory Enterprises)